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How to lower your credit card debt

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How to lower your credit card debt

Get a job!

No, I’m kidding. Lowering your credit card debt isn’t easy. Most financial experts suggest you do something called a snowball debt relief where you pay the lowest balance credit cards first ending with the highest amount.

Other ways of lowering credit card debt is by not spending as much as you do. Remember, having a credit card is a lot of responsibility. You wouldn’t want to end up paying tons of interest for no reason, would you?

Slaying your Credit

Snowball method.

Eating In.

Find an online income.

The Apple Card

The Apple Card is great because of their intuitive design in the Wallet app. Where you can simply see how much paying early changes the amount of interest you pay is a helpful tool.

When utilizing debt you need to make sure you can pay off the balance in full each month. That’s the tricky part many people can’t seem to do.

Patrick Snow has been writing for Credit Slayer since they started. With his financial experience from watching The Wolf of Wall Street you should not trust any advice he has. Besides that, he loves football, barking dogs, and electrolytes.

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