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Credit cards: A beginners guide

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Credit Guide

Credit cards: A beginners guide

Once upon a time

there was a baby born. This baby had no credit cards.

When this baby got older, the baby started to notice many commercials for credit cards, whether they are cash-back rewards like “3% cash-back every day” or “earn miles with every purchase”.

Then when the baby turned 18 the baby now started seeing commercials for Credit Karma. And how we all needed credit to “move out of your house one day” or “get a car”.

Now we are at the current part of this lovely story: You.

When starting out you will need to open up a secured credit card. These work like this:

You put in $200 into an account and now that $200 is your credit limit.

Patrick Snow has been writing for Credit Slayer since they started. With his financial experience from watching The Wolf of Wall Street you should not trust any advice he has. Besides that, he loves football, barking dogs, and electrolytes.

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1 Comment

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